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  • Safety in and out of the work place

    Your safety is a great concern to our company emergiready.net. We have a great variety of Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Mace products, Personal Alarms, Diversion Safes, Survival Gear, Home Protection, Animal Repellents, Surveillance Systems, Hidden Cameras and Taser products. Please visit our website and take a look.



  • Lipstick Stun Guns-pepper spray Sale Prices effective now

    Check out our Sale Prices on Stun Guns and Pepper Spray
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  • How to use pepper spray

    View our youtube video on how to use pepper spray and stun guns.
    Visit our website emergiready.net
    Prices are great on all products

  • Stun Guns Offer Both Flashlight and Protection

    I have been selling stun guns for over four years now and I have heard quite a few stories on how they have saved lives. One of my favorites is the one of how a coyote was about to snatch a ladies French Bulldog and she made the zapping noise and the coyote took off. One of the others was told to me by a man who back in the day had bought some of the older models and when his wife was being attacked by two Rottweilers she zapped at them and they scooted off.

    The good thing about stun guns is that they offer good lighting while offering protection at the same time. They are good to have on your person when you are hiking, walking, or out for a stroll. Individuals are starting to carry them in their cars for road trips or just to have in their glove box for emergencies. The main thing is to check every so often to make sure they are charged.


  • The Need for Self Defense Products

    As the operations manager for the Emergiready Company I have heard countless tales of how either pepper spray or stun guns have saved the life of individuals or prevented a life threatening situation from taking place. So whether you jog, hike, walk or take the kids to the park make it a point to carry some form of self defense product with you at all times.. Emergiready.net

  • Hidden Spy Cameras, Nanny Cams w/ Built in DVRs

    Keep an eye on your loved ones and/or record what's going on in your home while you're away. Choose from a wide variety of fair priced options. Emergiready.net

  • Self Defense Products

    Some form of self defense products whether it be pepper spray, stun gun or some form of flashlight zapper should be carried by all individuals at all times, Preparedness counts!!


  • Pepper Spray, Stun Guns

    Best Prices, Huge Sale. Visit our website for all survival and protection products for personal and home and in and out of the workplace. Visit us at emergiready.net

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  • Emegiready

    The Emergiready Company was formed to provide the general public with fair priced protection, security and survival products. We will offer our customers and viewers articles, you tube video feeds, and other media geared towards keeping you informed on the best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones. Stay tuned as this is my first blog. Louis@emergiready

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